Tips and Tricks Using RFEM 5

Free Online Seminar

Length: 1:13:51 h

  • Useful functions in RFEM
  • New features in version 5 of RFEM
  • Frequently asked questions

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:01:05: Introduction
  • Up to 00:07:00: Dimensions (linear, angular, slope, height) and measures
  • Up to 00:08:15: Center of gravity and info about selected objects
  • Up to 00:15:15: Reverse local axis system of surfaces and lines
  • Up to 00:20:40: Nodal support with friction and various support conditions
  • Up to 00:26:38: Cable on pulley
  • Up to 00:30:45: Loads from movements for cranes
  • Up to 00:35:30: Convert free line load to member loads
  • Up to 00:41:30: Line grids
  • Up to 01:01:30: Views and visibilities and their application in a printout report
  • Up to 01:03:00: Clipping plane
  • Up to 01:04:45: Visual objects
  • Up to 01:06:55: Reading results from graphical and numerical values using Info About Objects
  • Up to 01:10:55: Filtering results to be displayed in result tables and export of tables to Excel
  • Up to 01:13:51: Closing remarks


M.Eng. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Walter Rustler
Sales Director & Customer Support
Mr. Rustler is the representative of Dlubal Software GmbH as well as marketing director. Also, he participates in product development. He is the presenter for this webinar.


tools, dimensions, measures, display navigator, center of gravity, axis system, friction, cable on pulley, load due to motion, line grid, views, views navigator, visibilities, graphic printout, mass print, clipping plane, visual objects, info about objects, table filter

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