Time-History Analysis in RFEM - Induced Vibrations

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Periodically, structures subjected to machine induced vibrations or blast loading require a dynamic analysis. A powerful yet intuitive structural analysis software is essential for these scenarios.

Length: 1:08:27 h

  • Overview and features of RFEM and the dynamic add-on modules
  • Natural frequency analysis utilizing RF-DYNAM Pro – Natural Vibrations
  • Time-history analysis utilizing RF-DYNAM Pro – Forced Vibrations
  • Example 1: Machine induced vibrations
  • Example 2: Blast analysis

Time Schedule

  • Up to 01:08: Introduction
  • Up to 04:16: Concept of RFEM and RF-DYNAM Pro modules
  • Up to 09:14: RF-DYNAM Pro – Forced Vibrations overview
  • Up to 13:24: Example 1: Machine-Induced Vibrations introduction
  • Up to 23:12: RF-DYNAM Pro – Natural Vibrations analysis
  • Up to 37:11: RF-DYNAM Pro – Forced Vibrations machine-induced time-history analysis
  • Up to 43:37: Review of machine-induced time-history results
  • Up to 53:05: Time-history analysis with modified structure
  • Up to 58:34: Example 2: Blast Analysis introduction
  • Up to 1:01:47: RF-DYNAM Pro – Forced Vibrations blast time-history analysis
  • Up to 1:03:36: Review of blast time-history results
  • Up to 1:06:20: Integration of dynamic results with design modules
  • Up to 1:08:27: Closing remarks


Amy Heilig, M.S., P.E.
CEO of Dlubal Software, Inc. & Customer Support
Amy Heilig is the CEO of the US office located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, she provides sales and technical support and continues to aid in the development of Dlubal Software programs for the American and Canadian market. She is the presenter for this webinar.


time history, time history analysis, dynamics, dynamic analysis, forced vibrations, machine induced vibrations, blast analysis

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