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Service Contract

Service contracts

Keep your Dlubal Software programs up to date with a service contract. Receive regular program updates as well as benefits for future upgrades.

With a Service Contract Pro, you additionally receive phone support and, if required, online video conferencing.


Receive information including news, useful tips, scheduled events, special offers, and vouchers on a regular basis.

Service contracts by Dlubal Software apply the following license terms:

  1. Separate Service Contracts

    Separate service contracts are required for the program families of RFEM, RSTAB, and RX-TIMBER as well as the stand-alone programs SHAPE‑THIN, SHAPE‑MASSIVE, CRANEWAY, PLATE‑BUCKLING, and COMPOSITE‑BEAM. However, provided that a service contract is acquired for the RFEM or RSTAB family, service will also be included for stand-alone programs. When using the products by means of network licenses, a separate service contract is required at each business location.

  2. Calculation Basis

    Service contracts can be concluded only for the total number of licenses of main programs (RFEM, RSTAB, RX-TIMBER family) or stand-alone programs. If you acquire additional licenses of the main or stand-alone programs later for which a service contract already exists, a service contract like the existing one is automatically regarded as concluded for these additional licenses.

  3. Time Period

    The time period for a service contract is a full year, beginning on the day of the contract conclusion. Service contracts for additional licenses which are concluded later are billed pro rata for the remaining period until the next due date of the service contract for the first licence, then on an annual basis together with the service contract for the first licence.

  4. Contract Amendments

    Modifications to the contract are always possible. Price adjustments that may be necessary will be made on the next maturity date.

  5. Price Adjustment

    Dlubal Software reserves the right to make necessary price adjustments.

  6. Contract Termination

    The service contract can be terminated by both of the contracting parties without giving reasons. The service contract will automatically be renewed for another year unless Dlubal Software is notified one month before the current service contract expires. The minimum term of the contract is one year.

  7. Supplementary Provision

    The contractual services refer to the currently available as well as to the previous version of the main program. If there are more than two upgrade steps between the version that you are currently using and the program version currently available on the market, or if the previous version of the main program has been replaced by a new version for more than two years, the service contracts Basic and Pro become automatically general hotline support contracts without further update deliveries. The annual prices correspond to the prices of the regular contracts.

  8. Partial Ineffectiveness

    If a provision of this contract is completely or partially ineffective, illegal, or invalid, it shall not affect the validity or effectivity of any other provision of this contract. In this case, the parties involved agree that the ineffective provision will be replaced by an effective provision that is reasonable for both parties and comes as close as possible to the economic intent of the ineffective provision.

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