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Service Contract

Service contracts

Keep your Dlubal Software programs up to date with a service contract. Receive regular program updates as well as benefits for future upgrades.

With a Service Contract Pro, you additionally receive phone support and, if required, online video conferencing.

Further Information

On this page, we explain the service scope of the updates or upgrades for the Dlubal Software programs.


Updates are minor revisions and improvements within one program generation (i.e. from version 4.02.077 to version 4.03.101).

The updates include the entire program family such as the add-on modules. A service contract provides automatic access to the latest updates through your Dlubal Software account.


In contrast to updates, upgrades are highly revised or completely redesigned program versions. Version jumps are not possible. For example, program users cannot upgrade directly from program version 3.xx to version 5.xx if version 4.xx exists.

All intermediate versions need to be purchased before upgrading to the latest release. A valid and current Service Contract provides a discounted offer on upgrade costs.

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