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How can I determine the punching load and wall ends?


The wall corners are often singular and must be considered in engineering terms. Singularities are usually caused by re-entrant corners and by large jumps in stiffness. Since this is not a problem in the program, I can only explain one possible approach for determining the design lateral force using the example. As a basis for the example, I use the literature "Examples for Design according to DIN 1045-1, Volume 1: Building construction (3rd edition) "by the publishing house Ernst & Sohn. (The excerpt can be found in the appendix) The aim is to determine the design lateral force at the critical round section. Find out the dimensions of the critical round section according to DIN 1045-1, Figure 38 or Figure 39 and generate these lines in RFEM. (see graphic 1) To include the generated lines in the surface, please click on Calculation -> FE mesh settings and then select the following option. If necessary, perform a network compaction. After calculating the relevant load combination, first select the three straight lines and then click with the right mouse button on one of them. Then select Result curves. (see diagram 3) Now let the results of v-max, b be smoothed with the following settings. (see chart 4) Make a note of the smoothed value (in the graph 209.12 kN / m) as well as the total length (1.05m in the graphic). Smooth the arc lines in the same way as the straight lines. (Only lines of the same type can be selected at the same time in order to display the result curves at the same time.) Note the smoothed v-max, b (221.04 kN / m) and the length (0.889m) with these values Now calculate the design lateral force for the punching test: vEd = β x (209.12 kN / mx 1.05 m + 221.04 x 0.889 m) / (1.05 m + 0.889 m) = 289.69 kN / mm with β = 1.35 for wall ends and β = 1.2 for wall corners (according to DIN 1045-1, Figure 44) VEd = 289.69 kN / m / β x (1.05 m + 0.889 m) = 416.08 kNi hope To have helped you with this and are available for further questions.


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