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How can I determine the resulting force of a surface bearing or its contact voltage in RFEM?


A direct function for outputting the resultant of a surface bearing is currently not available. However, an extension of the result output is planned. However, you may still be able to determine the resultant. If your model has a uniform FE mesh of which the surface area can be determined, you can export the values of contact stresses from RFEM and, to obtain the resulting forces per element, multiply them by the surface area of the finite elements. In order to obtain the total resulting force of a surface bearing, the individual resultant must be summed up. Since the values of the contact stresses in Table 4.21 are output per grid point, it is advisable to adapt the grid of the surface so that a grid point always lies in the middle of a finite element. The grid of the surface can be adjusted via "Edit surface" in the "Grid" tab.


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