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Licensing & Authorization

When starting the program, I get warning No. 10312 - Program authorization failed. How can I start the program with the correct authorization?


In this case, you are using a program version which is not covered by the authorization file (AUTHOR.INI) used by you.

Example: You received an authorization file in 2015 which expires on 31.12.2015. If you are now installing a program version from 2016, you will receive a warning after having imported the authorization file.

In this case, you need a current authorization file which you can download from the Dlubal Extranet. This requires, of course, a valid service contract. If you don't have any access data, please contact your system administrator or our customer support at support@dlubal.com.

If you don't have a valid service contract yet, please contact our sales team at sales@dlubal.com.


10312, warning No.10312, authorization

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