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With the function "Apply bearing reaction as load", not all loads are accepted.


The problem is minimal inaccuracies in the model. If loads are transferred from one model to another, then the loads to be transferred are exported as "free loads" with fixed coordinates. If the coordinates do not agree 100%, it may happen that some loads are not taken into account in the model because they are minimally adjacent to the surface. This can be checked very easily by displaying full accuracy for the loads or nodes (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).

Often it helps if you regenerate the model and the nodal coordinates z. B. rounds to 6 decimal places. To do this, call up the "Regenerate model" dialog box under "Extras" (see Figure 3)

The easiest way to get around this is to take the boundary lines of the surfaces into which the loads are to be imported.a few millimeters from the outside shifts. This ensures that all free loads within the areas to be loadedare located.


Take over bearing reaction as load, load transfer

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