What is the function "Designing the Longitudinal Gearing for Utilization Degree" in the setting for the non-linear calculation in RF-CONCRETE Members? I have activated the function but the system is still unstable. Why?


This option becomes effective if utilization of 1 / γ> 1.000 results in the NL calculation with the existing longitudinal reinforcement (resulting from the statically required reinforcement, linear design) or given basic reinforcement.

If this option is selected, the required reinforcement or base reinforcement will be increased accordingly to achieve <1.00 utilization in the NL calculation. However, this option only works for cross-section verification (NL utilization 1 / γ> 1.00, see result mask 6.1.1, column E).

Important: In case of a stability problem (message => system resistance too low, eg proof of stability of a column according to Th. II. Order), this option does not help. In this case, the reinforcement must be specified manually or the system / load adjusted.


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