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In the program RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, there are problems with the graphical representation of the required reinforcement. This is represented unrealistically with partially higher values. The course does not match the moment course. What can I do in this case?


Please check the settings in screen 1.4 "Longitudinal Reinforcement" tab. If the longitudinal reinforcement for the lateral force proof is the option "Approach of the highest value from required and existing longitudinal reinforcement (basic and additional reinforcement) per reinforcement direction." set and additionally defines an existing base reinforcement, it may come in the results to a locally increased required reinforcement. The reason for this can be explained as follows: If lateral force reinforcement can be avoided by using the basic reinforcement, then the basic reinforcement is set as "required", since the results of the shear force verification result only on the assumption that the basic reinforcement is actually designed.


RF-CONCRETE Surfaces torque curve longitudinal reinforcement lateral force reinforcement basic reinforcement unrealistic implausible

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