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Why is it not possible to specify a "favorably acting soil contact stress" at a wall corner or wall end for punching shear design of a floor slab? Where can I find the input option for this?


When designing a wall corner or a wall end according to DIN EN 1992‑1‑1 in RF‑PUNCH Pro, it is not necessary to enter the counteracting soil pressure separately.

The module determines the punching load for the design at a wall corner or a wall end from the integration of shear forces in the basic control perimeter.
Thus, the part of the soil pressure within the basic control perimeter is not used for the determination of the punching force anyway, so it is not necessary to deduct it separately.
The situation is different if you analyze the punching shear of a single column.
In this case, the axial force of the column is applied for the punching load by default. However, this allows you to specify the soil pressure under the floor or foundation slab. You can find this input option in Window 1.5 of the RF‑PUNCH Pro add‑on module.
The size of the surface load to be subtracted can be determined in RFEM by evaluating the contact stress σz, determined from the governing load case or the governing combination and entered manually in Window 1.5 of the add-on module.


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