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Markus Baumgärtel Add-on Modules EC2 for RFEM RF-CONCRETE

In RF-CONCRETE areas, I get some things unacceptable. Note 5 is displayed: "Permissible concrete compressive stress in the direction of the concrete strut exceeded." 


RF-CONCRETE Surfaces gives an impermeability to some points in screen 2.1 because the concrete compressive stress is too high there (see Fig. 01). In this screen, you can also use the [Info] button to check the design details for the result line selected in the table above. In a new window, the values show that the absorbable membrane force is smaller than the rated diaphragm force in the direction of the strut (see Fig. 02).

The program outputs a corresponding Unmissbarkeitsmeldung on all finite elements with too large concrete compressive stresses.

The theoretical background to this proof can be found in the manual on RF-BETON surfaces, among others. You can download it from the literature link below or call it with the module open by pressing the [F1] key.

To counteract the unacceptability, the following procedure can be followed

  • The unacceptability can be caused by singularities: LINK KNOWLEDGE BASE
  • As soon as it is not a pure plate, the cutting size optimization can be the cause. This should be deactivated with shells and panes (picture 3).
  • It may be possible to add a third reinforcement right (Fig. 4).
  • The concrete quality can be increased
  • The surface thickness can be increased


Note 5 concrete strut unacceptable


[1]   Eurocode 2: Planung von Stahlbeton- und Spannbetontragwerken. In .
[2]   Handbuch RF-BETON Flächen. Tiefenbach: Dlubal Software, Mai 2018.

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