Unfortunately, I cannot find any information about how can I design a strip foundation in RFEM. Is this not possible? What would be an alternative?


Currently, there is no RFEM add‑on module for the design of strip foundations. RF‑FOUNDATION Pro can only design independent foundations arranged at nodal supports.

In most cases, line supports are used in the model, for which the strip foundations should then be designed. As a solution, you could create an equivalent model and apply the governing support force resulting for a "1m strip" as a load on a short member (for example, rigid member as there is no additional weight). In this way, you obtain support forces on a nodal support for this 1m strip of the wall (see Figure 01).

For these nodal support forces, you can then perform a design of independent foundation according to EN 1997‑1 in RF‑FOUNDATION Pro, while defining the "strip foundation" as a 1m wide plate foundation.

Another way would be to replace the line support by a reinforced concrete slab with elastic foundation. Then, you could design the plate, which represents the strip foundation, in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces. However, the design of the static equilibrium, soil pressure stresses, and so on, must be then performed manually using the RFEM results (for example, evaluation of contact stresses σz). 

The technical article in our Knowledge Base gives you further information on the design of independent foundations in RF‑FOUNDATION Pro (see Links).


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