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What do the abbreviations for the crane loads in the add-on module KRANBAHN mean?


Vertical wheel loads

Q C (share due to crane own weight)
Q H (share due to lifting load)

Horizontal wheel loads

H T (proportion as a result of starting / braking the crane bridge)
H S (proportion of skew forces as a result of starting / braking a crane)
H T3 (proportion as a result of approaching / braking trolley or hoist)

longitudinal loads

H L (proportion as a result of starting / braking a crane)

In addition, if a skew force (S) or a buffer force (H B ) is effective, it can be given below the table.

There is already an interesting webinar on the subject " Dimensioning of crane runways according to Eurocode 3 " on our homepage.


Crane loads Crane Wheel loads Abbreviations

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