Why is the strength always reduced with a kmod value of 0.6 during calculation in the RF-LAMINATE add-on module, although I have load combinations with variable loads?


In RF-LAMINATE, it is important whether you design a result combination or involved load combinations.

If you select the load combinations for design in the general data, they will be displayed with the shortest load duration of the involved load cases. If you select the corresponding result combination for the design, the result combination envelope will be calculated, however not the involved load combinations. When considering an envelope it is not clear from which load cases the maximum or minimum value results and the "permanent" load duration will be used for the design on the safe side for this result combination. However, this input can be changed in Window 1.4.

When designing the result combination the advantage consists in the faster calculation and is especially advantageous for a preliminary design of a very large structure. If the governing load cases are known, it is recommended to modify the load duration class in window 1.4.

If you want to perform a more precise calculation, please select the corresponding load combination for the design in the general data.


LDC Load duration K-mod Permanent


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