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During the calculation, I get a warning that some elements are connected to the buckling panel, but are not defined as stiffeners (Figure 1). What should I do?


In the cross-section shown in Figure 2, the elements no. 8 and 9 are defined as buckling stiffeners and are assigned the null element No. 5 or 6 (thickness t = 0 mm) connected to the buckling panel.

Figure 02 - Stiffener Connected to Buckling Panel with Null Element

Buckling stiffeners must be connected with the buckling panel with "normal" elements (thickness t > 0 mm). Here you can, for example, enter the zero elements No. 5 and 6 are deleted and Element No. 8 and 9 can be connected directly to the buckling panel (Figure 3).

Figure 03 - Direct Connection of Stiffener to Buckling Panel


Panel Stiffener Warning No. 280349


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