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How can I connect side-by-side sections to obtain a coherent cross-section?


In SHAPE-THIN, you have the option to connect independent cross-section parts by using so-called null elements. Thus, you get a total cross-section and can also use it for the design in RSTAB or RFEM.

dummy elements

It is necessary to assign a thickness t to each element. This value is the actual thickness of the cross-section part for the full transfer of the normal actions. Furthermore, the effective thickness t* controls the shear transfer for "artificial" coupling elements with the thickness of t = 0. These null elements are used to create a shear connection between two elements that do not have a common node. The definition of a shear thickness t* > 0 is required for those null elements that have no contact to normal elements (t > 0) along their entire lengths.


Connecting cross-section parts Gross cross-section Null elements


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