We would like use the online maps on your website to find the snow, wind and seismic loads. Can you please tell us more about activating and using this service?


The basic information about using the service can be found on this website.
To use the online load maps, you can purchase a package of 500 or 5,000 clicks. The easiest way is to use our webshop, which is available at the bottom right of the page mentioned above. The prices in the webshop are always displayed for the given country; for example, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the price is 1,350 CZK for 500 clicks (without VAT) or 8,100 CZK for 5,000 clicks. To order and use the load maps, it is necessary to have a Dlubal account. You can create it by clicking on My Account . The package ordered can be used by several people in your company, who sign in with their account, or it is possible to create associated accounts for the individual users. While using the map, the remaining clicks are displayed, and it is possible to buy another package to increase the number of clicks again.


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