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I would like to use a cross-section, which does not exist in the cross-section library of RSTAB and RFEM. Is there a way to get the cross-section?


With the SHAPE-THIN add-on module (thin-walled cross-sections) and SHAPE-MASSIVE add-on module (thick-walled cross-sections), it is possible to model almost any cross-sections which are entered graphically, in tables, or by importing a DXF file.

For SHAPE-THIN and SHAPE-MASSIVE, there is a possibility to create connection to RFEM and RSTAB. Thus, the cross-sections can be imported into RSTAB and RFEM, calculated, and designed in the add-on modules.


Composed Built-up cross-section Thin-walled Thick-walled


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Section properties, stress analysis, and plastic design of open and closed thin-walled cross-sections

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