Is it possible to calculate the punching shear reinforcement for a fixed value of a longitudinal reinforcement in RF‑PUNCH Pro?


Yes, it is. If you specify the longitudinal reinforcement to be used for punching shear design, the RF‑PUNCH Pro add-on module increases the reinforcement ratio by increasing the longitudinal reinforcement. In this case, the specific punching shear reinforcement only results if the design value of the punching shear resistance without the punching shear reinforcement is less than the stress action of the punching shear force, even with the maximum longitudinal reinforcement ratio.

In order to ensure that RF‑PUNCH Pro does not increase the longitudinal reinforcement to avoid the punching shear reinforcement, but directly calculate the last one for the user-defined longitudinal reinforcement ratio, it is necessary to select the Define check box of the Cross-Section entry in Window 1.5 Nodes of Punching Shear in RF‑PUNCH Pro, and enter a constant value of the longitudinal reinforcement.


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