Is it possible to connect a rib member to two surfaces with different thicknesses? And where can I check the cross-section properties of this composite cross-section? In RFEM, I can only see the eccentric rectangular profile and its cross-section properties.


You can connect a rib member to a line on two surfaces with different thicknesses.

To determine the stiffness or internal forces, the eccentricity of the rectangular cross-section is determined using the mean value of both connected surfaces in RFEM.

Figure 01 - RFEM Model of Rib with Different Plate Thicknesses

For designing in RF-CONCRETE Members, the add-on module determines its cross-section, which is displayed in the input dialog box ‘1.4 Ribs’ of the add-on module.

Figure 02 - Dialog Box '1.4 Ribs' in RF-CONCRETE Members

By clicking the ‘i’ button (see Figure 02), it is possible to open an info dialog box for the generated rib cross-section, where all cross-section properties applied for the design in the module, like the position of the shear center and centroid, etc., can be viewed.

Figure 03 - Cross-Section Properties of Rib Cross-Section in RF-CONCRETE Members

If the ‘Effective Width’ is adjusted in the ‘1.4 Ribs’ dialog box (e.g. to 0.50 m) this has influences on the cross-section applied in RF-CONCRETE Members and its cross-section properties.

Figure 04 - Modified Cross-Section Properties of Rib Cross-Section

However, this does not influence the stiffness or the determination of internal forces in the 3D model in RFEM.


Rib Cross-section property Center of gravity Shear center Plate width



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