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I have defined a member on a polyline. Now, I get the error message saying that there is an unsupported member type when performing a deformation analysis of this member. What is the cause and how can I fix it?


In RF‑DEFORM, you can only design members that are defined on a single line. Otherwise, the error message shown in Figure 01 appears.

Image 01 - Error Message "Unsupported member types are assigned!"

You can use the "Explode Polyline" function to decompose the polyline (Figure 02). For straight lines, it is recommended to delete the redundant intermediate nodes (Figure 03). Then, the deformation analysis in RF‑DEFORM is possible.

Image 02 - Function "Explode Polyline"

Image 03 - Function "Delete Node"


Polyline Unsupported member type


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  • Updated 11/30/2020

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