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  • Answer

    The university licenses of RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9 are controlled by a collective user. The license can only be used on the computers logged into the Dlubal license server by using the university's public / static IP address.

    Therefore, the following information is required:

    1. Email address of the collective user (functional email address)

    2. Number of licenses

    3. Public / static IP address of the university gateway It is possible to specify an IP address range here.

    After successfully creating the license, you can use the university license with the login data of the collective user (a password provided by Dlubal).

  • Answer

    Regarding the hardware, there should be no problems as long as it is a MAC based on Intel or ARM. However, the problem is the operating system. Unfortunately, MacOS is not supported yet. You have to have Windows installed on the MAC either with dual-boot, Bootcamp, or virtualization, such as Parallels Desktop.

    However, please note that there are license restrictions when using virtual machines and the software key cannot be used.

    The conclusion:

    1. RWIND runs on MAC Parallels in a demo mode ➞ no calculation and no data storage are possible.
    2. To run the full version of RWIND on MAC, the hardware key is required ➞ the user must have a valid license.

  • Answer

    Yes, the licensing has been changed to online licensing with the release of our new program generation (RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, and RSECTION).

    This has the advantage that you no longer need a USB or network dongle. You only have to log in with your Dlubal account and start working in the software directly at the workstation. To do this, you need the Internet connection.

    In future, a lending function is also planned, which allows you to borrow a license of RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, or RSECTION within a defined period and then work offline during the lending period.

  • Answer

    Moving authorizations is initially only possible with the administrator rights, see Image 01.

    Furthermore, a user can only move the authorizations between online licenses, that is, RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, RSECTION 1, and RWIND 2. You can find an overview of your existing online licenses in your Dlubal account under "Licenses" → "Licenses" → "Licenses", see Image 02.

    Before moving the authorization, make sure that it is not active at the time. You can check this under "License Sessions," see Image 03.

    To move the authorization, go to "Licenses" → "Authorizations by License" and select the "Source License" in the "License ID" drop-down menu. All existing authorizations will be displayed. Then, select the "Target License" in the drop-down menu of the corresponding authorization that you want to move, see Image 04.

    In the example, the authorizations of the "Structural Stability" and "Steel Design" add-ons have been moved from Online License 03 to Online License 02.

  • Answer

    In the case of already successfully completed test phases, we can only offer a reduced test phase.

    If you are interested in a particular add-on, you can always contact one of our sales representatives to allow for an individual adjustment of the trial license(s) of the desired products/add-ons.

  • Answer

    If you see this error message, you cannot connect to our license server to verify your license.

    Please ask your IT to check the communication with our server. It is necessary to enable the following access in the firewall policies as well as in the network:

    • Server name:
    • Server IP:
    • Server port: 443

    If the connection still does not work after this procedure, your IT department needs to check whether the SSL certificate has been exchanged, based on your internal guidelines (for example, using a proxy). They should be able to check this with software (for example, OpenSSL) in the command line:

    • cd C:\Program Files\OpenSSL-Win64\bin
    • openssl.exe s_client -connect
  • Answer

    After the release of the new generation of Dlubal programs, including RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9, the Dlubal extranet layout was modified. The ability to download your authorization file (author.ini) is still possible. The file is now in a different location.

    After successfully logging in to the extranet, you can follow this workflow selection:
    Licenses → Authorization Files for Download | RFEM 5, RSTAB 8,... → Autorization Files for Download...

    The new generation of programs (RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, RSECTION) are entirely cloud-based, so they use online login for the authorization and no longer require the authorization file.

  • Answer

    The license is transferred to the user's computer when logging in and remains there until the license is returned, the program is closed, after the rent period has expired, or the effective time has expired in the event of a crash. The rent time is a maximum of 7 days and the active time is 1 day. Then, the license is free again and can be assigned again.

    Without further help from us, you have to wait a maximum of 7 days before using it again.

  • Answer

    If you have correctly logged into the program with your Dlubal Account, you can click on your name in the upper right corner of the user interface.

    A dialog box opens with all the information about the license used, as well as an overview of the add-ons.

    The color of the point in front of the add-on has the following meaning:

    The point is green: Purchased

    The point is blue: Trial version

    The point is orange: Demo

    The point is gray: The program is not installed

  • Answer

    If you have correctly logged in using your Dlubal login data when opening the program, the program is linked to your corresponding licensing online. Your name should be in the top right corner of the menu bar. If you click on it, a submenu opens. Click on "License Manager".

    In the "License Manager" dialog box, you can select the corresponding online license in the submenu of the top bar; see the image.

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