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  • Answer

    You can examine this port using the Telnet client. To do this, the Telnet client must first be activated via the Windows internal components (see figure). If this is the case, you can start the following command at the prompt:

    telnet 1947 (with "" - IP address of the server)

    If the entry follows an empty window, the connection is successful. If the Telnet client can not establish a connection, this will be output and your IT will establish communication from port 1947.

  • Answer

    In this case, we can manually activate the NET softlock. To do this, open the Admin Control Center on the server in a web browser of your choice.

    Then go to the Diagnostics category. Here you can create a fingerprint file at the upper right edge of the window via the "ID" button.

    Please send this file to with your customer number.
    You will receive a "V2C" file from us.

    In the Admin Control Center on the server please go to the category "Update Attach" and upload the "V2C file" to the server.
    Upon successful activation, you will receive a corresponding message.
  • Answer

    Note: The NET softlock activation must be done with administrator rights.

    Install Dongle Driver

    Install the current dongle driver on the server. You can download it under the following links:

    After unpacking, you can install the software package by typing haspdinst -i into the command line.

    Run Activation Key

    Download the "" file under the following link: 

    Save this file to the server and extract the ZIP file. Run the "ActivateKey.exe" file on the server.

    Import Authorization File

    The dialog box "Dlubal SL Key Activator" appears. Use the [Browse] button to set the path to the "AUTHOR.INI" file. You have obtained this authorization file from our sales department.

    If the authorization file is detected, the key number is displayed in the "Activation" section.

    Run Activation

    Click the [Activate] button to activate the software license. For this, the Internet connection is necessary!

    Further information can be found in the PDF document attached.

  • Answer

    The NET softlock (NET-SL) must be activated once on a PC, server or a virtual server. For this, use the instructions (Installation.pdf) attached under Downloads.

    By activating the NET-SL, it is connected to the PC by the mainboard ID and hard disk ID for physical computers. For virtual machines, it is connected by using the CPU characteristic and the virtual MAC address.


    If a NET-SL is activated on a PC, no formatting of the hard disk or reinstalling of the operating system should be carried out. No change of mainboard or hard disk is allowed either.

    If a NET-SL is installed on a virtual machine, it is necessary to make sure that the virtual MAC address is static and that the CPU characteristic cannot be changed. Virtual machines must not be copied (cloned) or moved.

    If you have to change anything on this PC or the virtual machine, transfer the NET-SL to another computer or virtual machine in advance as described in the attached instructions (Rehosting.pdf).

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