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    The price of follow-on licenses is reduced.
    Both the main programs RFEM and RSTAB, as well as all add-on modules, are reduced in price by 30 percent compared to the first license for a follow-on license, that is, from the second license.

    When is a license taken for a follow-on license?
    The first and follow-on license must always belong to the same product group.
    Only a purchased existing first license of, for example, RFEM results in a price reduction for follow-on license in case of purchasing additional RFEM licenses.

    The same applies to the RSTAB product group as well as to the individual applications.

    The add-on modules have also to be considered only in the respective product group of RFEM or RSTAB.

    Rent or subscription licenses (subscriptions) are not considered for the classification as a follow-on license.

    Note about service contracts
    Service contracts have to be concluded separately for the respective product group RFEM or RSTAB.
    Follow-on licenses are automatically included in the service contract of the respective product group and billed at a reduced price.

    If you need advice, contact the sales department.

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