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  • Answer

    Yes, this is possible with the Configuration Manager.

    The display properties are a component of the currently active configuration. The active configuration is displayed in bold font in the Configuration Manager (Options → Configuration Manager) (see Figure 01). You can easily export the changes to the display properties of this configuration to a file with the two buttons (see Figure 01) and import them again to another PC.

    If you use RSTAB, you receive a configuration file with the extension ".rsconfig" during the export. For RFEM, you receive a ".rfconfig" file.
  • Answer

    No, unfortunately it is not possible the display properties for several categories (eg. example the text size for the load values of all load types) at once. This must be done for each category (eg. example Load type) can be set individually.

    But if you have set the display properties once for a configuration on a PC, you can simply transfer them via the configuration manager to another PC. See the FAQ 2982 on the following link.
  • Answer

    Right-click one of the values and select "Display Properties" in the shortcut menu to get directly to the required setting: Here you can make settings in both tabs "Screen" and "Printout Report," for example to set transparent or colored display of the values or the background color of the values.

  • Answer

    Generally, this function represent a "record function". After activating this option, every change will be done for screen as wekk as for the printout report. This function does not synchronize the previously modified functions. It synchronizes the changes only.
  • Answer

    If you have changed several default settings and want to transfer them, for example to another computer, or reimport them after a new installation, you can save your configuration file that you can reimport, as needed.

    Select "Configuration Manager" on the "Options" menu, and then click the button "Export Configuration as File" to open the "Save As" dialog box where you can enter the name of the configuration file.

    To reimport the saved file, use the same dialog box. But this time use the button "Import Configuration from File".
  • Answer

    All printout report headers that you have created in the printout report by using the menu "Settings → Header" are stored in the DlubalProtocolConfig.cfg file. They can be found in the master data folder (by default, C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\General Data). Any changes in this file become effective when you save the model.

    Specifications for your printout report template are saved in the file RfemProtocolConfig.cfg or RstabProtocolConfig.cfg. You should also save these files before a new installation.

    If you have created combination schemes, they are saved in the KombinSchema.dat file available in the master data folder.

    You can also save the entire General Data folder before the next installation in order to keep the user-defined files.

    The projects connected in Project Manager are managed in the PRO.DLP file. This is located in the folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\Project Manager by default. If you want to uninstall RFEM or RSTAB before an update, you should save this file, too.

    Finally, there is also the option to export the settings used in the program, such as display properties, fonts, toolbars, and so on, in a file and reimport them, if necessary. You can access this function using the menu "Options → Configuration Manager" (see FIgure).

  • Answer

    By default, the sizes of the supports are optimized for reinforced concrete structures.

    The simplest way to change the displayed size is to right-click the support, and then select "Decrease Size."

    If this doesn't improve the display, use the "Display Properties" dialog box. For the support symbols, there are limit values relative to the global model. To adjust the limits, click [Settings] (see Figure).

    You can save the modified display properties in configurations. This allows you to prepare various display properties. To save the current configuration or reload the saved configuration file, select "Configuration Manager" from the "Options" menu.

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