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  • Answer

    The *.dll and *.tlb files were probably not updated correctly on your computer. Please proceed as follows:

    1. Rename the following folders in Dlubal.bak:

         C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Dlubal

         C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dlubal

    2. Reinstall RFEM or RSTAB.

    3. Move the files from the newly created Dlubal folders to the respective Dlubal.bak folders (overwrite all).

    4. Rename the Dlubal.bak folder to Dlubal.

  • Answer

    The service contracts for the RFEM and RSTAB program family are intended to update the respective main program as well as all available add-on modules.

    For all available and current add-on modules, it is thus possible to get free of charge:
    • New features and functions for design
    • Error corrections
    • Optimization of calculation and design
    • Possible adjustments or corrections of the standards
    These are a part of the service contract.

  • Answer

    Basically, possible modifications of the COM Interface are specified in our update report for the respective add-on module. All update reports are available under the following link.

    If there is a modification of the COM Interface, it is listed there. Especially when converting the older COM interfaces from RSTAB6/RFEM3 to RSTAB8/RFEM5, no complete compatibility is guaranteed due to the change from tlbs in the VBA to an integrated solution with dlls.

    However, it is usually possible to overwrite dlls within the current COM interface without any problems. For additional backups, it is always recommended to back up the old files.
  • Answer

    Updates are regular revisions of programs and add-on modules carried out on a periodic basis within the product maintenance.

    These are, for example:
    • Extension or improvement of the features of the programs and add-on modules
    • Correction of the detected or reported bugs
    The updates are generally subjected to a charge and the costs for the updates are covered by active service contracts of a product group, and are automatically provided in your Dlubal Account. If you do not have an active service contract, it is possible to purchase the updates separately, if necessary.

    An upgrade is an extensive refinement or new development of programs or add-on modules. In this case, substantial parts of the program or features are renewed or added with a considerable development effort.

    If you already have an add-on module that has been renewed, for example, RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro has been released for RF‑/FOUNDATION, you have the opportunity to upgrade. The upgrade is chargeable, but cheaper than a new purchase.

    If you have any questions, please contact our sales department.
  • Answer

    Our service contracts include the updates (such as RFEM 5.01, 5.02 ...) of the current program version. They include new features, bug fixing, optimization, and the adjustments due to the code changes, for the entire program family. Upgrades to higher program versions are generally not covered by the service contract, but appear due to long durations and intensive development of the current program version in relatively large time intervals.

    Upgrades have to be purchased in the case of the release, but are offered with a discount for an existing service contract.

    This fact has some advantages for you as a customer. This means lower running costs for the service contracts as well as the option to determine the point in time for the investments in upgrades.
  • Answer

    With the release of the customer version X.20.01, the license drivers of GEMALTO have also been replaced. The update of the GEMALTO drivers closes a safety gap. Therefore, it is necessary to install the new drivers on the server.

    So proceed as follows:

    1. Download the drivers:

    2. Close the Dlubal Software programs on the clients.

    3. Install the new drivers on the server.

    The server is a computer with the inserted network dongle or activated NET‑SL. The client is a computer on which the DLUBAL programs are running.

    Note: The previous program versions can also be used with the new license driver.

  • Answer

    This error is displayed when importing an update that is older than the last imported update.
    First, check in Admin Control Center at http://localhost:1947 under Features if the purchased modules are already available.
    If not all of the purchased modules are available, please follow the instructions below:

    Network dongle (hardware dongle):

    Please send us the C2V file, which you can create by using the RUS tool, see:

    Network dongle (softlock):

    Please send us the C2V file, which you can create directly in the Admin Control Center, see:
  • Answer

    By activating the RF‑FORM‑FINDING add-on module, a high-quality form-finding process according to the URS method is determined for each element with form-finding properties before the very structural analysis. After the calculation, this process results in an optimum equilibrium shape that almost exactly corresponds to the preset form-finding parameters (prestress, sag, and so on).

    Since this URS method requires an iterative calculation to display the results, the program provides an interactive graphic mode based on the force density method for pure modeling. This mode displays the resulting element shape on the basis of the defined form-finding properties already when entering the elements.

    To avoid possible initial complications due to the incompletely defined models, it is possible to switch the mode on and off at any time by using the "Show Preliminary Form-Finding" option in the shortcut menu.

    During the determination, the graphic mode considers all force-related form-finding entries on the member and surface elements. A stable boundary condition is assumed in the respective direction for all relevant nodes with a connected element or support definition. Furthermore, the integrated openings in surfaces are considered for the optimized display of tent points.

    Generally, this interactive form-finding is only intended for graphical display of the elements with imposed loads and works independently of the URS form-finding, which is always carried out before the pure structural analysis. However, the surface meshing is based on the currently displayed shape and can thus be influenced by the activation of the interactive form-finding.

  • Answer

    The online service "Geo-Zone Tool: Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps" graphically displays structural loads according to the relevant standards on Google Maps and shows the site-specific structural loads for an explicit location on the map.

    Based on the national references of the standards used, the online service provides the information about each load type described in the standard. If the standard specifies no data for the specific load type, the online service does not provide any further information for this load type (for example, snow loads in an African desert). 

    If there is no particular structural load standard provided in the selection boxes of the online service, this standard is not yet included. Our team strives to expand the online service for all relevant countries around the world and to maintain the tool. The implementation priorities are geared to suit the needs of users and the mandatory maintenance and upgrade works.

  • Answer

    There are several reasons which could prevent the model from being saved:

    • Virus Scanner
    Please add exceptions for the real-time check in the virus scanner or temporarily deactivate it directly.

    In the following article, you can find which of these exceptions should be added:

    • User Rights
    Make sure that you have sufficient user rights. The document under Downloads provides detailed information about this issue. It is recommended to start the installation file by selecting the "Run as Administrator" shortcut menu option (right-click).

    • Windows Updates
    Make sure that your operating system is up to date and the latest updates are installed. This is often a problem in the case of older operating systems (Windows 7/8) as the updates can be deactivated manually. For Windows 10, the updates are usually installed automatically.

    • Program Update
    In the program, there is the option of an automatic search for updates:

    Select the menu "Options → Program Options." In the Program tab of the dialog box, you can define whether and after how many days the program should search for updates.

    In the "Help" menu, you can also start a search for updates manually.

    • Storage Location
    From time to time, it is also the case that the settings have been changed on the server. This sometimes leads to the loss of the access rights and saving is no longer possible for the user.

    It is therefore recommended to save the model locally on the computer once. If this is successful, it is recommended to check the settings of the network again, if necessary.

    • Uninstalling
    If all these attempts have not helped, it may help you to completely uninstall all Dlubal Software applications and install the programs "freshly" again.

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