Wind Load for Flat Roofs on Duopitch Roof

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The Eurocode for DIN EN 1991‑1‑4:2010‑12 describes wind loads acting on structural systems. The document also contains a wind load scheme specified for flat and duopitch roofs in particular. The Eurocode considers a duopitch roof to be a flat roof if it has a roof inclination of less than 5 degrees.

In compliance with the Eurocode, both RFEM and RSTAB offer wind load generators, one for flat roofs and another for duopitch roofs.

For structural reasons the analysis model of flat roofs in practice is not always defined as absolutely horizontal but with a duopitch roof inclination of less than 5 degrees. This results in the effect that the wind load generation for flat roofs cannot be applied because of an infringement of geometry, and that the generator for duopitch roofs cannot be applied because of a value fallen below the validity limit.

Now, we have taken up this issue by optimizing the duopitch roof load generator for roof inclinations of less than 5 degrees. Now, if the generator recognizes a roof inclination that is smaller than 5 degrees, it applies the load rules given for a flat roof.


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