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In RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, you now have the option to design a foundation at one or several nodes of the model. If you selected several nodes for the design of the foundation, the governing design criteria for all load cases are shown in the “2.2 Governing Design Criteria” result window.

This result window has now been optimized for the current versions of RFEM and RSTAB. The results filter is located directly below the table showing the various designs. To show the results in this window for a particular node or load case, select the “Node No.” check box. Now you can decide for which node and load case you want to show the results.

Furthermore, you now have the option to show the color scale for the utilization ratio of the individual designs. You can also show designs with an utilization ratio > 1 only.

For designs where the selected load case was not calculated, no results are shown. The message appears that the selected load case was not taken into account for this design.


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