Omission of Support Forces in Single Foundation Design

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When modeling structural bearing systems, especially hall structures, some substructures of a foundation with no influence on the rising structure are not modeled in RFEM/RSTAB. In case of hall structures, these are for example the reinforced concrete floor slabs, the strip foundations or the ties between column foundations.

However, these substructures include support components generated in structural analysis as the support forces in nodal supports. When dimensioning single foundations according to Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 7 using RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, the support components included due to non‑modeled substructures should not be taken into account. The given example shows the omission of the horizontal force in a node support, that is absorbed by a tie (deactivation of tension forces) or by a reinforced concrete strip foundation (deactivation of compressive forces) between the single foundations.

For such cases, RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro allows you to individually deactivate the particular support forces in the foundation design.


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