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Member design programs (such as RF‑/STEEL EC3, RF‑/STEEL AISC, RF‑/STEEL AS etc.) provide not only numerical evaluation of designs in tabular form but also all extreme values in form of diagrams using member lengths in the graphic environment. In this case, the Results navigator specifies which result components are considered in the diagrams (for example, only ultimate limit state design, only serviceability limit state design, envelope of all designs, and so on).

This layout for displaying results is also fully included in the mass print section for report purposes. In the case of a design module, the menu identifies different design groups in the Results navigator and provides the corresponding printout options. Using the options ‘Separate pictures’ or ‘Envelope picture’, you can choose how the printout report will look like:
The ‘Separate pictures’ option displays all selected design components as a separate picture in the selected printout report.
The ‘Envelope picture’ option displays the extreme result of all selected design components in the selected printout report using an envelope of the results.

To avoid mistakes, the program shows all considered result components at the top of each result picture. All components used in envelope graphics are mentioned in the graphics accordingly.


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