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Just like in the Display navigator of RFEM, you can set the distribution of internal forces within surfaces also in RF‑STEEL Surfaces. Since the result of the FEM calculation is always deformations, the corresponding forces will be recalculated. It means that the internal forces on a FEM element are calculated depending on the composition (triangle or square) at three or four places. In order to obtain continuous internal forces and thus a smoothed distribution, these internal forces have to be interpolated. The interpolation is possible by selecting the option ‘Distribution of internal forces’ within surfaces.

The advantage of the interpolated distribution is the compliance with the distribution of a refined mesh. Accordingly, the disadvantage is that this distribution does not correspond exactly with the calculation result. Therefore, it is important for the analysis of critical points to always use a refined mesh. For example, when using a plastic material, the real plastic limit stress is displayed correctly only if you select the option ‘Constant on elements’.


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