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RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces performs the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design of slabs, plates, folded plates and shells. In RFEM, the reinforcement resulting from this design can be displayed graphically on the surfaces of the structure using isolines. For the reinforcement design, it may be useful to export the results as isoline distribution in a DXF file in order to open them in a CAD application as background layers.

For this purpose, there is the option “Isolines as current results into ASCII file DXF” in the export dialog box of RFEM. By using this export option, you can export any result view selected in RFEM as DXF file, for example the “required reinforcement a-s,1,+z (bottom).” Furthermore, you can export the result panel and the “Values on surfaces” as well. The DXF file includes the corresponding individual layers (for the structure, the individual limits of value ranges, values on surfaces, for example), which can also be disabled.


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