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The Steel Joist Institute (SJI) has previously developed Virtual Joist tables to estimate the section properties for Open Web Steel Joists. These Virtual Joist sections are characterized as equivalent wide-flange beams which closely approximate the joist chord area, effective moment of inertia, and weight. Virtual Joists are also available in the RFEM and RSTAB cross‑section database.

The sections can be found under “Rolled Cross‑Sections - I‑Sections” and by further selecting “SJI” from the Manufacturer/Standard group. Both the Virtual Joist (VJ) and Virtual Joist Girder (VJG) tables are available here.

Figure 01 - Virtual Joists and Virtual Joist Girders in Cross‑Section Database

The Virtual Joist sections can be utilized like any other member in RFEM/RSTAB. After an analysis is run, member results such as the internal forces, stresses, deflections, etc. can be viewed along the member length.

The design process can be taken a step further by designing the Virtual Joist section in the RF‑/STEEL AISC add‑on module. The design process will be carried out as a hot‑rolled I‑section complete with both ultimate and serviceability limit state utilization ratios. The member can also be optimized to determine the ideal section within the VJ or VJG tables to yield a utilization ratio close to the maximum allowable ratio specified in the Details dialog box.

Figure 02 - Virtual Joist Design in RF‑/STEEL AISC



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