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  1. Stresses and Classification

    Classification and Ultimate Limit State Design of SHAPE-THIN Cross-Sections

    When designing a steel cross-section according to Eurocode 3, it is important to assign the cross-section to one of the four cross-section classes. Classes 1 and 2 allow for a plastic design, classes 3 and 4 are only for elastic design. In addition to the resistance of the cross-section, the structural component's sufficient stability has to be analyzed.

  2. Bending Moment Distribution on Entire Structure and Extracted Structure

    Load Determination in RF-/STEEL Warping Torsion

    This article explains how to determine loads on the basis of the internal force situations defined in the RF-/STEEL Warping Torsion extension of the RF-/STEEL EC3 add-on module. Since this new program allows you to also analyze extracted chain-like beam structures in addition to entire chain-like beam structures, it is necessary to determine the loads of the partial structure separately. For this, a special transformation function has been developed, which determines new loads of all partial structures (depending on the internal forces calculated in RFEM/RSTAB) according to each load situation for geometrically nonlinear warping torsion analysis with seven degrees of freedom.

  3. Graphical Schema of Required Bending Reinforcement in RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

    Graphical Schema of Required Bending Reinforcement

    As of the program version x.06.1103, various optimizations are available. The RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro add‑on module has also been subjected to further development.

  4. Separate Load Entry for Structure or Foundation Design in RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

    Separate Load Entry for Structure or Foundation Design

    In RF-/FOUNDATION Pro, the foundation design requires the definition of corresponding loading (load cases, load combinations, or result combinations) for the different design situations (STR, GEO, UPL, or EQU).

  5. Improved Results Window in RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

    Improved Result Window

    In RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, you now have the option to design a foundation at one or several nodes of the model. If you selected several nodes for the design of the foundation, the governing design criteria for all load cases are shown in the ‘2.2 Governing Design Criteria’ result window.

  6. Displaying Specific Results for RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

    Displaying Specific Results

    In RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, you can carry out the design of a foundation at one or more nodes of the structure.

  7. Dlubal RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8 - Improved Graphical Representation of Design Details in RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

    Improved Graphical Representation of Design Details in RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

    RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro now offers an improved graphical representation of the result details. To see them, go to Window 2.2 Governing Design Criteria after the calculation. The interactive graphic in this window allows you to view the individual design-relevant values for each computed design.

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