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  1. Figure 05 - Overview

    Working with the Project Manager

    The Project Manager is installed by default when installing RFEM and RSTAB and manages all projects and calculation files. In the Project Manager, you can link different projects to have a clear overview of the program files.

  2. Figure 01 - Structure with Loading

    Modeling a Girder Grillage

    The structural analysis of a girder grillage is usually no big deal when using computer-aided calculation. There are different options to display and analyze a structure. They include, for example, the conventional way with performing structural analysis of components or modeling the entire structure.
  3. Structure

    Influence of Line Load on Insulated Glass Pane

    The proportion of glass when planning a building is increasing. Open, light-flooded buildings represent the modern art of architecture. However, specialized engineers have to face new challenges during their planning. Such an example are ceiling-high glass facades which are loaded by a handrail at the same time. The influence of this loading as well as the calculation of the deformation are shown in this article.
  4. Structural System

    Differences of Calculation Methods in Structural Analysis

    For structural dimensioning according to the valid rules, there are often several options or calculation methods to determine the internal forces. It is up to the engineer to decide which theory is suitable to design the structure.

  5. Structural System

    Control of Climatic Load on Insulated Glass Panes of Glass Structures

    Loading panes of insulating glass due to climatic effects are clearly regulated in DIN 18008. In the case of the corresponding pane geometry, this load type can also be governing for the ultimate limit state design. The FE design on the entire structure with the space between panes represented as the volume of a gas provides exact results for the analysis. However, a plausibility check is also becoming more and more important. This article shows various options of how to perform these checks.

  6. Result Interpretation of Smooth Ranges of Result Diagrams

    Result Interpretation of Smooth Ranges of Result Diagrams

    When evaluating results in smooth state, it is possible to display the average and sum values. This option is also available for parts of a line, a section, and so on. By importing the graphic into the printout report, you can document these values in the structural analysis.

  7. Definition of Loaded Glass Side for Insulating Glass

    Definition of Loaded Glass Side for Insulating Glass

    Design of insulating glass panes has special requirement on the load application point of the loading. For example, wind loads and loads due to fall protection may appear. For this, the wind load should be applied on the external glass side and the handrail load should act on the internal glass pane.

  8. 1 - Discretization in Drilling Hole Area

    Modeling of Point-Supported Glass Systems in RFEM 2

    As mentioned in Part 1 of the article, the current standard for glass structures DIN 18008‑3 requires point-supported fittings for glass components created using FEM in order to design the sufficient load‑bearing capacity. The rules are described in Annex B of the standard [1].

  9. Selecting Various Result Windows in RF-GLASS

    Selecting Various Result Windows

    Click the [Details] button in RF‑GLASS to select the results to be displayed. In order to get a better overview for the result evaluation, you can select the individual stress graphics - principal stresses, stresses oriented to axes, shear stresses - as well as various result windows. In this way, you can show only the results that you require.

  10. Thermally Toughened Glass in RF-GLASS

    Thermally Toughened Glass

    According to DIN 18008‑1, Chap. 8.3.6, the design value of the load‑bearing capacity differentiated to other glass should be applied for thermally toughened glass as:

    Rd = kc · fkγM

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