RF-/STEEL Warping Torsion | Input

Product Feature

Since RF-/STEEL Warping Torsion is fully integrated in RF-/STEEL AISC and RF‑/STEEL EC3, the data is entered in the same way as for the usual design in these modules. It is only necessary to select the option "Perform warping analysis" in the Details dialog box, tab Warping Torsion (see figure on the right). You can also define the maximum number of iterations in this dialog box.

The warping torsion analysis is performed for sets of members in RF-/STEEL AISC and RF‑/STEEL EC3, for which you can define boundary conditions such as nodal supports or member end releases. It is also possible to specify imperfections for the nonlinear calculation.

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RFEM Steel and Aluminum Structures
RF-STEEL Warping Torsion 5.xx

Module Extension for RF-STEEL EC3

Warping torsion analysis according to the second-order theory with 7 degrees of freedom

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850.00 USD