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For designs of tension stress, compression, bending stress, and shear force resistance, the maximum resistance design values are compared with the action design values. If structural components are subjected to both bending and compression at the same time, the RF-/TOWER Design add-on module performs an interaction. You can determine the factors according to Method 1 (Annex A) or Method 2 (Annex B).

For the flexural buckling design, it is not necessary to enter the slenderness ratio or the elastic critical buckling load of the governing buckling case. The module automatically performs calculation of all required factors for the bending stress design value. RF-/TOWER Design determines the effective critical moment for lateral-torsional buckling for each member on every x-location of the cross-section.

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RFEM Towers and Masts
RF-TOWER Design 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of triangular and quadrilateral lattice towers according to European standards

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1,480.00 USD