Product Feature

  • Design of moment resistant and simple joints of I-shaped rolled cross-sections according to Eurocode 3:
    • Moment-resistant end plate connections (type IH/IM)
    • Moment resistant purlin splices (PM type)
    • Simple joints with angle cleat and long angles (IW and IG types)
    • Simple joints with header end plates mounted either on web only or on web and flange (IS type)
    • Check of coped connections (IK) in combination with pinned end plates (IS) and angle connections (IW)
  • Automatic design of required joint with bolt sizes (all types)
  • Check of required thickness of load-bearing members for shear connections
  • Results of all required structural details such as appliances, hole arrangements, necessary extensions, a number of bolts, end plate dimensions, and welds
  • Results including stiffnesses Sj,ini of bending-resistant connections
  • Documentation of available loading and comparison with resistances
  • Results of design ratio for each individual joint
  • Automatic determination of governing internal forces for several load cases and connection nodes
RFEM Connections
RF-JOINTS Steel - DSTV 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of standardised joints in steel structures according to the EN 1993‑1‑8 - DSTV guideline

Price of First License
670.00 USD