RF-/HSS | Features

Product Feature

  • Integration in RFEM/RSTAB with automatic geometry identification and loading of internal forces
  • Optional manual definition of connections
  • Extensive library of hollow sections for chords and struts:
    • Round sections
    • Square sections
    • Rectangular sections
  • Implemented steel grades: S 235, S 275, S 355, S 420, S 450, and S 460
  • Various types of connection available, depending on the standard specifications:
    • K connection (gap/overlapping)
    • KK connection (spatial)
    • N connection (gap/overlapping)
    • KT connection (gap/overlapping)
    • DK connection (gap/overlapping)
    • T connection (planar)
    • TT connection (spatial)
    • Y connection (planar)
    • X connection (planar)
    • XX connection (spatial)
  • Selection of partial safety factors according to National Annex for Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, or Denmark
  • Adjustable angles between struts and chords
  • Optional chord rotation of 90° for rectangular hollow sections
  • Consideration of gaps between struts or overlapping struts
  • Optional consideration of additional nodal forces
  • Design of connections as the maximum ultimate limit state of truss struts for axial forces and bending moments

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RFEM Connections
RF-HSS 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of connections with hollow cross-sections according to Eurocode 3

Price of First License
760.00 USD