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  • Craneway and weld stress analysis
  • Craneways and weld fatigue design
  • Deformation analysis
  • Plate buckling analysis for wheel load introduction
  • Stability analysis for lateral torsional buckling according to the second-order analysis of torsional buckling (1D FEA element)

For the design according to Eurocode 3 the following National Annexes are available:

  • Germany DIN EN 1993-6/NA:2010-12 (Germany)
  • Belgium NBN EN 1993-6/ANB:2011-03 (Belgium)
  • Finland SFS EN 1993-6/NA:2010-03 (Finland)
  • France NF EN 1993-6/NA:2011-12 (France)
  • Italien UNI EN 1993-6/NA:2011-02 (Italy)
  • Lithuania LST EN 1993-6/NA:2010-12 (Lithuania)
  • Netherlands NEN EN 1993-6/NB:2012-05 (The Netherlands)
  • Norway NS EN 1993-6/NA:2010-01 (Norway)
  • Sweden SS EN 1993-6/NA:2011-04 (Sweden)
  • Czech Republic CSN EN 1993-6/NA:2010-03 (Czech Republic)
  • United Kingdom BS EN 1993-6/NA:2009-11 (United Kingdom)
  • Cyprus CYS EN 1993-6/NA:2009-03 (Cyprus)

In addition to the National Annexes (NA) listed above, you can also define a specific NA, applying user-defined limit values and parameters.

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Stand-Alone Steel Structures

Stand-Alone Program

Design of crane runway girders according to EN 1993-6 and DIN 4132

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