Product Feature

Internal forces can be determined according to Method 1 (uncracked in whole length) or Method 2 (cracked in the region of internal supports).

In both cases, you can consider the constant effective width of the concrete chord in whole support area according to ENV 1994-1-1, Cl. (1) as well as the reduction of moments. Internal forces for the design of shear connectors can only be determined by the elastic calculation of internal forces using the RSTAB analysis core (no RSTAB license is required).

The calculation performs fully automatic determination of the effective cross-section properties at the respective points of time, considering creep and shrinkage. In the RSTAB user interface, the structural models are created as a member structure including all boundary conditions and loading. In this way, a reliable calculation of internal forces with the effective cross-section properties is ensured.


Stand-Alone Program

Design of composite girders according to ENV 1994-1-1 (Eurocode 4)

Price of First License
1,480.00 USD