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  • Design of hinged connections
  • Biaxial inclination of the connected member (for example a jack rafter joint)
  • Connection of any number of members on one node for the ‘Main member only’ type
  • Screw diameter 6 mm – 12 mm
  • Automatic check of the minimum distance between screws
  • Optional free definition of screw distances
  • Transfer of eccentricity from RFEM/RSTAB
  • Crosswise or parallel screw alignment
  • Definition of up to 16 screws in a row
  • Graphical visualization of joints in the add-on module and in RFEM/RSTAB
  • Performing all required designs

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  • Updated 01/23/2020
RFEM Connections
RF-JOINTS Timber - Timber to Timber 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of Direct Timber Connections According to Eurocode 5

Price of First License
360.00 USD