Creating RSECTION Cross-Section from DXF File

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Would you like to create a cross-section from the import of a DXF file? It's very easy. You have the following options:

  • Create elements automatically
  • Use DXF template lines as centerlines of elements with a defined thickness

Do you select the option to create the elements automatically? In that case, the program creates the elements and the associated parts for you from the contour of the outline. It only creates the elements not exceeding a definable maximum thickness. Do you have the cross-section geometry as a gravity line model? Then use DXF template lines as centerlines of elements with a defined thickness. Define a thickness that is assigned equally to all elements. Do you miss the "Create elements automatically" and "Create elements on lines" functions? Don't worry, both are also available in the "Edit" menu under "Manipulation."


Import DXF Cross-section

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Aluminum Cross-Section Stress

Main Program

The RSECTION stand-alone program determines the section properties for any thin-walled and massive cross-sections and performs a stress analysis.

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