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RF-CONCRETE Members Version 5

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1.1 Add-on Module RF-CONCRETE Members

RF-CONCRETE Members is an add-on module for RFEM. It is completely integrated into the RFEM user interface, which ensures a continuous calculation and design of reinforced concrete components available in RFEM in the form of framework structure elements.

The add-on module imports all relevant model parameters such as materials, cross-sections, members, sets of members, ribs, supports, as well as internal forces of load cases and combinations from RFEM. The program also allows for design alternatives with modified cross-sections including optimization.

RF-CONCRETE Members analyzes the ultimate and serviceability limit states. The analyses for cracks and deflections are performed by calculating crack widths and deformations directly.

Designs are possible according to the following standards:

National Annexes for EN 1992-1-1
  • EN 1992-1-1:2004/A1:2014
  • DIN 1045-1:2008-08
  • DIN 1045:1988-07
  • ACI 318-14
  • ACI 318-11
  • CSA A23.3-14 (R2015)
  • SIA 262:2013
  • GB 50010-2010

The figure on the left shows the National Annexes for EN 1992-1-1 [1] that are currently implemented in RF-CONCRETE Members. Optional wird überprüft, ob der Brandschutznachweis nach EN 1992-1-2 [2] erfüllt ist.

The required reinforcement that is determined contains a reinforcement proposal, which takes all user specifications for rebars in the longitudinal and shear reinforcement into account. This reinforcement layout can be adjusted at any time. The designs related to the modifications will be updated automatically.

RF-CONCRETE Members also allows for a nonlinear analysis (state II) considering Tension Stiffening. In addition, the influence of creep and shrinkage can be determined.

The inserted reinforcement is visualized photo-realistically – both in the add-on module and on the concrete cross-sections of the RFEM model. This realistic representation of the reinforcement cage can be documented in the printout report with the design's remaining input and output data.

We hope you will enjoy working with RF-CONCRETE Members.

Your Dlubal Software team

[1] Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures - Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings; EN 1992-1-1:2011-01
[2] EN 1992-1-2: Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbeton- und Spannbetontragwerken – Teil 1-2: Tragwerksbemessung für den Brandfall. Beuth Verlag GmbH, Berlin, 2004

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