RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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3.6.1 Longitudinal Reinforcement

Longitudinal Reinforcement

In this tab, you can enter the specifications for the longitudinal reinforcement.

Figure 3.28 Window 1.6 Reinforcement, Longitudinal Reinforcement tab
Reinforcing Steel

The list of possible diameters provides commonly used options for reinforcing bars. You can set different diameters for the provided reinforcement.

Use the [Edit] button to adjust the list of available rebar diameters.

Figure 3.29 Edit List of Possible Diameters dialog box

You can modify, remove, or add diameters in the input line.

Reinforcement Layers

RF-CONCRETE Members also considers multi-layered arrangements of rebars for the provided reinforcement. Use the list to specify the Max. number of layers.

The Minimum spacing of rebars a for the first layer and, if necessary, b for additional layers can be defined in the two input fields.

These structural specifications are considered for the provided reinforcement: They affect the number of possible rebars of each layer and the lever arm of internal forces.

If several reinforcement layers are arranged, a curtailment of the reinforcement is not possible.

Anchorage Type

Both lists in this dialog section provide a variety of anchorage possibilities. The graphic to the right is dynamic, which means that modified settings are displayed immediately in the graphic.

Anchorage and Steel surface (solely ribbed for ACI 318 and EN 1992) affect the required length of anchorage.

Curtailment Type

No curtailment is preset. If several reinforcement layers are specified, the remaining two options are disabled.

If you select a Curtailment by zones, use the list to define how many zones with the same reinforcement are allowed in the provided reinforcement. Then, RF-CONCRETE Members will find out how to optimally cover the required steel cross-section areas with the available rebars.

If you select a Curtailment by reinforcement bars, the program will only open a new zone when the user-defined maximum number of rebars is reached. Use the list to define this rebar number.

Provided Basic Reinforcement

In this window section, you can specify a basic reinforcement As,-z for the top layer and As,+z for the bottom layer. After selecting the check boxes, you can access the input fields to define the number of rebars n and the rebar diameters d. Based on these specifications, RF-CONCRETE Members determines the reinforcement areas As of the basic reinforcement.

When the provided reinforcement is created, the user-defined basic reinforcement is taken into account. It will be inserted over the entire length of the member or set of members. If the required reinforcement cannot be covered by the basic reinforcement, the program determines the additionally required rebars and inserts them into the cross-section.