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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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3.6.2 Stirrups


This tab manages the specifications for the shear reinforcement.

Figure 3.30 Window 1.6 Reinforcement, Stirrups tab
Reinforcing Steel

The list of possible diameters provides commonly used options for reinforcing bars. Use the button to adjust the list of available rebar diameters (see Figure 3.27).

Stirrup Parameters

With the Number of legs list, you can define how many stirrups are available in the shear force direction. It is possible to specify up to four legs; two legs are default. The changes are represented dynamically in the graphic to the right.

The Inclination of the shear reinforcement is defined by the angle between longitudinal and shear reinforcement. The default is 90°, which means perpendicular stirrups. When changing the angle, observe the standard specifications: EN 1992-1-1, 9.2.2 (1) only allows for angles between 45° and 90° and stipulates in 9.2.2 (4) that bent bars acting as shear reinforcement may be used only together with stirrups. At least 50 % of the shear force to be absorbed should be covered by stirrups.

The Anchorage type list provides various possibilities for stirrup anchorages, which affect the determination of the anchorage lengths. The changes are represented dynamically in the graphic to the right.

Stirrup Layout / Stirrup Spacing

This window section is only accessible if a provided reinforcement is created.

A Uniform spacing throughout is default for all members and continuous members.

If you select a Zone related spacing, use the list to specify the number of zones with the same stirrup layout. Specifying one zone leads to the creation of another zone in addition to the zone with the maximum stirrup spacing (minimum reinforcement). The additional zone covers the maximum value of the required stirrup reinforcement. In case of two zones, RF-CONCRETE Members determines the mean value from the required minimum and maximum reinforcement and applies the corresponding  x-locations in the member as additional zone limits.

If the layout is Subdivided according to stirrup spacing, you have to define a spacing for the stirrup zones. The zones will change in the spacing intervals that are also determined from the required minimum and maximum reinforcement with an interpolation method.

When a Defined stirrup spacing is selected, you can choose an entry in the list shown on the left. Use the button to adjust these entries or create a new entry with user-defined stirrup spacings.

Figure 3.31 New List of Allowable Tie/Stirrup Distances dialog box

An example of user-defined stirrup spacings can be found in the following article:

It is also possible to define the Spacing limits according to the standard or to specify them with user-defined limit values.

The zones presented in the provided reinforcement can be modified or complemented in window 3.2 Provided Shear Reinforcement at any time (see chapter 5.2.2).