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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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3.6.8 Tapered


This tab only appears if the RFEM model includes tapered members.

Figure 3.46 Window 1.6 Reinforcement, Tapered tab

RF-CONCRETE Members is also able to design tapered members if the same cross-section type is defined for the member start and end. Otherwise it is not possible to interpolate intermediate values, and RFEM displays a corresponding error message before starting the calculation.

Figure 3.47 Error message in case of incompatible tapered cross-sections

Tapered sets of members are only designed if the entire set of members has a linear cross-sectional profile.


The following three options are available to describe the taper in detail:

  • uniform
  • bottom
  • top

This specification affects the design as well as the arrangement of the longitudinal reinforcement (see Figure 3.46).

Figure 3.48 Taper with inclined bottom side
Tapered Beam Axis

To display the reinforcement in the 3D rendering of RFEM, you must specify the position of the tapered member axis. Normally, tapers in the structural system are defined centrically in RFEM. However, tapers in RF-CONCRETE Members are usually designed and calculated with displaced taperings. In order to correctly display the reinforcement's connection to the continuing members in the RFEM rendering, you have to specify the member end of the tapered member that will be displaced in construction - provided that it has not yet been taken into account by member eccentricities in RFEM.

Use the [Info] button to see more information.

Figure 3.49 Information dialog box describing taper member axes

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Quick Overview of this Section