RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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5.2 Provided Reinforcement

The results windows 3.1 to 3.4 are displayed if the Design the provided reinforcement option has been activated in window 1.6 Reinforcement and if no non-designable situations have been found (see chapter 5.1.5). Serviceability limit state designs and nonlinear calculations also require a reinforcement proposal, that is, a provided reinforcement.

By using the specifications of window 1.6, RF-CONCRETE Members determines a proposal for the layout of the longitudinal and shear reinforcement. The program tries to cover the required reinforcement, taking into account the parameters (specified rebar diameters, possible number of reinforcement layers, curtailment, type of anchorage) with the least possible amount of rebars and reinforcement areas.

The provided reinforcement can be edited in the Provided Reinforcement windows: Diameter, number, position, and length of the reinforcement items can be adjusted individually.