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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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5.2.2 Provided Shear Reinforcement

Provided Shear Reinforcement

Figure 5.16 Window 3.2 Provided Shear Reinforcement

The shear reinforcement to be inserted is arranged by Items (reinforcement sets) and sorted by members and sets of members.

The reinforcement is represented graphically below the table. The current item (row selected in upper part where pointer is placed) is highlighted in red. The graphic to the right shows the position stirrup, including dimensioning. Modifications to the parameters in the table will be updated in the graphic.

The buttons for controlling the reinforcement graphic are described in chapter 6.1.

The reinforcement proposal also considers structural regulations. EN 1992-1-1, 9.2.2 (6), for example, recommends a maximum spacing of sl,max = 0.75 d for vertical links. Table NA 9.1 of the National Annex for Germany also allows for reduced longitudinal spacings depending on the shear force ratio and the concrete strength.


The sections indicated in this table divide the shear reinforcement into zones with the same diameters and spacings (see also chapter 3.6.2). They are defined in columns F and G where they can be adjusted, if necessary (see below).

Item No.

The results are listed by Items, each having the same properties (diameter, spacing).

The items of all members and sets of members are summarized in window 3.4 Steel Schedule.

No. of Stirrups

RF-CONCRETE Members considers the user specifications of the Stirrups tab in window 1.6 Reinforcement (see chapter 3.6.2) when determining the shear reinforcement.

The link number can be modified quickly: After clicking into a cell, you can enter another value. The link spacing in column H will be converted automatically.


The reinforcement proposal uses the specifications of the Stirrups tab in window 1.6 Reinforcement. Use the list to change the rebar diameter in the current section.


Column E shows the length of the link zone for each section. It is determined by the start and end locations x and cannot be edited in this column. This is only possible with the two subsequent table columns or the [Edit Reinforcement] button (see Figure 5.16 and Figure 5.17).

x-Location from / to

The values represent the start and end positions of the reinforcement section. They refer to the member's start node given in RFEM (x = 0). The entries in both columns can be edited so that the zone limits can be shifted by modifying the values.

You can subdivide a zone as follows: In column F or G, enter a new location x which is between both column values. Thus, a new link zone is automatically created.

Spacing sli

RF-CONCRETE Members considers the specifications of the Stirrups tab in window 1.6 Reinforcement (see chapter 3.6.2) when determining the link spacings. The values in this column can be edited. When changing a spacing manually, the number of links in column C are automatically adjusted. The exact link spacing, however, is then calculated on the basis of an integer amount of links.

Number of Sections

The links' sections are based on the specifications of the Stirrups tab in window 1.6 Reinforcement (see chapter 3.6.2). The number of sections can be changed by using the list.


This column shows the total weight of stirrups for each link section.


If a footer is indicated in the final column, a special condition is the reason. The numbers are explained in the status bar.

To access all [Messages] for the provided reinforcement, use the corresponding button. The Error Messages or Notes to Design Process dialog box appears (see Figure 5.4).

Editing the reinforcement proposal

The graphic in the lower part of this window represents the shear reinforcement on the member or set of members. The current reinforcement section (i.e. the row in the upper table where the pointer is placed) is highlighted in red. Clicking the [Edit Reinforcement] button above the graphic opens the dialog box for editing the selected link section.

Figure 5.17 Edit Shear Reinforcement dialog box

This dialog box summarizes the reinforcement parameters already described above. Use the dialog box to control or, if necessary, adjust the specifications for Location, Stirrup Dimensions, and Stirrup Parameters.

After modifying parameters, the designs must be calculated again with the new reinforcement. So, when leaving window 3.2, a query appears that asks if you want to recalculate the safety (see Figure 5.14).